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Memory Care

HeartHomes has dedicated Memory Care Units located at our Bay Ridge and Piney Orchard locations.

Designed for the special needs of residents with memory impairment
We provide a safe, supportive environment specifically designed for the special needs of those living with memory impairments. Private rooms, indoor and outdoor activity areas, one-floor living and simple design create a stimulating yet manageable living space. This in turn maximizes residents' ability to be independent and increases opportunities for social interaction.

Gentle, Respectful Care
Residents are esteemed for the unique individuals that they are; deserving respectful and dignified care. By concentrating on what residents can do rather that what they cannot do, HeartHomes offers the perfect blend of supportive services and encouragement toward as much self-sufficiency as possible. Helping residents feel a sense of purpose in their environment fosters feelings of well-being and belonging.

Enriching Activities
By promoting familiar skills used in everyday life, HeartHomes encourages feelings of productivity and satisfaction through its activity programs. Activities are based on each individual's unique abilities, interests and personal history. HeartHomes' residents engage in daily activities including but not limited to: music, exercise, games, discussion groups, entertainment, art, community outings, spiritual activities and special events/parties.

Every Resident Is Satisfied
We offer options and choices to suit your individual needs and are prepared to respond as your needs may change.

Each of our homes are designed and maintained to provide comfortable, convenient, quality lifestyle preferences tailor-made to meet the individual care needs of every resident. You will appreciate the open, airy living areas. Spacious resident suites allow for ease of mobility and private contentment.

You will always be safe, secure and satisfied here at home.

Services and Amenities
Available to all of our families.

Click here to schedule a tour or call our Family Services Director Ilka Thomas at (443) 871-3168.

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